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Larry G Fields

The Climax General Store has served the Climax area since the late 1930's under several owners with various store names. As a small child, I recall Grady and Ken Coble running it as service station, known as Coble Brothers. In the late 70's, Marshall Ragsdale upgraded it to more of a Convenience Store. In the mid 80's it fell victim to a runaway tractor trailer and was nearly demolished. My father, Larry Fields, purchased the property in late 1986. He and I worked together, along with a hand from several family members and got her ready for business in March of 1987. We owned the business for over 30 years and operated most of that time as the Climax General Store. After a few years of a decline in business, the passing of my father and other business obligations, we decided to close the store. For many years the store was the hub of Climax, a gathering place for locals, farmers and passers by just happening through. Dad relished in the environment and spent hours a day chatting with whomever stopped by, often inviting them out to the picnic table, to talk, discuss business deals, arrange marriages and it has been said that some gossiping occassional occurred. 

Fast Forward to 2021, as I pondered some online marketing opportunities, I decided to pay omage to my hometown, my family, our devoted customers and foremost my father, who made my dream of running the store possible. I miss him every day. So as we start doing business online, as my dad ended every transaction, we appreciate you!





A Rare Photo of me
in the store.
The English Boys
My Favorite Pic of Dad
Barbara Dickerson (left) and Ann Trotter both worked with us at the store for approximately 20 years each.
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